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Respected Customers,

     We supply the finest made-to-measure clothing in Bangkok. We offer top quality fabrics from across the world, traditionally tailored with great care and skill. The result is perfectly-fitting suits, tuxedos, shirts etc to the very highest international standards, but at the fraction of the cost in Milan, London or New York.
     Many 'Tailors' in Bangkok claim meaningless awards, offer unrealistic package prices and promise suits in 24 or even 12 hours. Genuine quality custom tailoring takes time - so we do not offer '24 hour' suits. But if your visit is short, we will forward your completed clothes by air, at our expense. If we sell you silk, it is silk - not polyester. Our wool and cashmere fabrics are from UK and Italy, not local copies.
     We unreservedly guarantee satisfaction, and have long-established clients throughout the world who are happy to give references confirming our quality, service, reliability, and honesty.
     Visit us to discuss your requirements. We are also very happy to offer recommendations, all without any pressure or obligation. We look forward to being of service and providing you with clothes that will delight and flatter you.

Best regards,

T.S. Alex

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